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Last Update: Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Westwood College Request Information

Andrew Wise Written by Andrew Wise on July 29th, 2012

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About Westwood College:

Westwood College is an online college located in Upland with locations in CA. This is our review of Westwood College, use this information to help make an educated decision about which online school is the best for you. Our college review contains important information on Financial Aid, Degree Programs, and highlights Notable Graduates that have attended this university.

Westwood College is a school of higher learning dedicated to give students high quality, career based programs in arming students with the knowledge, skills, and credentials as they pursue their career. The institution offers access to education and serves a number of students in an environment that promotes respect and teamwork. Their programs are made to empower students to help them reach their career goals.

At Westwood College, they’ll provide you with knowledge and credentials you to help you reach you professional potential. Their staff will ensure you receive the necessary skills to launch your career and get you your job, even if you haven’t found employment after several months from your graduation. The offer financial help when needed.  The institution stands by their education and they’ll support you on your path to success.

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Notable Degree Programs

  • Computer Aided Design/Architectural Drafting (A)
  • Graphic Design (A)
  • Graphic Design: Major in Animation (B)
  • Graphic Design: Major in Game Art (B)
  • Graphic Design: Major in Visual Communications (B)
  • Westwood High School Scholarship Program
  • Westwood College PATH to Success Scholarship Program
  • Westwood College Matching Scholarship Program

Full Time Faculty: Unknown Part Time Faculty: Unknown

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