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Last Update: Thursday, July 5th, 2012

University of Advancing Technology Request Information

Andrew Wise Written by Andrew Wise on July 5th, 2012

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About University of Advancing Technology:

University of Advancing Technology is an online college located in with locations in AZ . This is our review of University of Advancing Technology, use this information to help make an educated decision about which online school is the best for you. Our college review contains important information on Financial Aid, Degree Programs, and highlights Notable Graduates that have attended this university.

UAT is a small scale private college for those interested in the aspects of technology. Its mission is to help educate students in the field of advancing technology to help them become innovators in the future. The university is a traditional academy, but because they are also a technology institution, they offer a technology-influenced environment, and also offers academic programs in advancing technology fields such as Artificial Life Programming, Game Development, Network Security, and Robotic Systems. The mixture of elements of an academy infused with a technical influenced environment results in an institution that is an ideal environment for a student who values inclusiveness and who seeks out resources and facilities that will help them learn. To those who are deeply involved in the overall aspects of technology, UAT  is a place that helps magnifies their learning strengths.

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Notable Degree Programs

  • MS - Game Production and Management
  • MS - Information Assurance
  • 2 Year Conservatory Program - Acting
  • BA/Military Studies
  • BA/Public Relations and Marketing
  • Average Amout of Federal Aid Received: $3,550.00.
  • Average Amount of Student Loan Aid Received: $8,045.00.
  • Total Price In-State On Campus: $30,826.00.
  • Total Price Out-of-State On Campus: $30,826.00.

Full Time Faculty: 169 Tenured Professors: Unknown Instruction, Research, Public Service FTE Staff: 41

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