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Last Update: Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Financial Aid

How to Avoid Financial Aid Scams

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  There have been some financial scams that is a major cause of worry and eventually financial disruption for students and their parents. The needy students are always looking for a way to lighten their burden of paying large amounts of tuition fees, so they faithfully sign the legal papers to get financial aid. However,   …Continue Reading

The Basics of Financial Aid

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  The cost of quality education has greatly increased than it was a couple of decades ago. The average cost of attending and getting a degree in a reputed college, today, costs about $7,000 and more annually. Paying off such a large sum of money gets difficult for some families and for many it is   …Continue Reading

Cost Breakdown for Online & Traditional College

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  The total cost of education is one of the major factors while deciding which college to join. The cost of different courses varies with different colleges. Also the course fees may be different in an online college as compared to traditional college. A breakdown of college costs has been explained as under: Cost of   …Continue Reading

What Student Loans Are Available for Online College?

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Distance learning loans are the easiest way to commence an online degree program that can provide you with a bright and prosperous future. Finding the right loan is all about getting the lowest possible interest rate and getting more benefits. Most student loan advisors will recommend Federal Stafford loans but you can also find some   …Continue Reading

Important Changes in Pell Grants for July 2012

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  The important changes in the Pell Grants brought about by budgetary pressures affected thousands of its college student beneficiaries. Following the implementation of the new provisions of appropriations law this July 1, students receiving aid are extremely worried and anxious about their educational and financial future. How Did the Change Happen? Financial plans and   …Continue Reading

Should College Financial Aid Be Based on Need, Not Merit?

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According to a new article in the WSJ, groups are looking at providing financial aid based on need not based on student performance. For many, aid is the difference between graduating or dropping out. Among low-income students, the six-year graduation rate is 45% when grants cover less than a quarter of college costs, and 68%   …Continue Reading