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Professional Massage Therapy

Andrew Wise Written by Andrew Wise on June 25th, 2012

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What does a degree in Professional Massage Therapy entail?

Find out what you’ll be doing, how much you’ll be making, and what to expect from a career in the exciting field of Professional Massage Therapy.

Most people interested in massage therapy are looking for a more meaningful way to help people, or they desire a new career that will improve their lifestyle. Visiting our facility will help you further investigate joining the field of massage therapy. We encourage you to visit our school and take a tour, sit in on a class, receive a student massage or speak with our staff and students.

How Much You Get Paid

Professional massage therapists get paid $40-55/hour, which at a 40 hour workweek for a full year is an annual salary of $83,200.

What You’ll Be Doing

Students in our Spa Massage Therapy program learn about spa body treatments and how to effectively administer them. Spa students are trained to use material such as sugar glows, mud, seaweed and learn how to incorporate hydrotherapy application, aromatherapy, stone massage, Thai Massage and many other treatments to relax or revitalize clients. Many of these therapies also stimulate natural detoxification of the body.

Which Schools We Recommend

Arizona School of Massage Therapy


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