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Last Update: Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Online Education 101: Frequently Asked Questions

Tom Anderson Written by Tom Anderson on July 4th, 2012

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The growing popularity of online colleges has made many people to start questioning about it. There are many who wonder whether the online colleges are a substitute for traditional colleges or not. People now wonder how important online education has become over the past few years. According to reports, the growth of online education has been tremendous since 2000 and it is ever growing!

Following are the common questions (along with their answers) that people often ask pertaining to online education:

Is it feasible to study online as opposed to studying in a regular college?

The quality of online education is similar to the education system of regular colleges, so the student who wishes to pursue his higher education online shouldn’t be concerned about getting inferior quality education.

Will I get a good job if I do not attend regular classes of traditional colleges?

Yes, today employers are recognizing degrees earned from online colleges so one shouldn’t have difficulties while applying for a job and securing it.

How many students enroll for online education?

About 6 million students are pursuing their higher studies through distant courses. And this number is increasing rapidly over the years.

Why are so many students interested in online colleges?

There is more than one reason why students are studying in an online college instead of a regular one. Firstly, there are professionals who would like to have a better post and better pay. As they are busy in their work schedule they are unable to join a regular college. Online colleges give them flexibility of time. Secondly, it goes the same with young mothers. There are many married women who want to get higher degrees but can’t attend regular classes to earn their degree, so they can complete their education through online classes.

Will I get the course of my choice?

Yes! As there are thousands of colleges available now you can get the course that you wish for. You just need to be prudent about choosing the right college and right course.


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