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How Do Online Colleges Differ From Regular Colleges?

Tom Anderson Written by Tom Anderson on July 3rd, 2012

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There is a multitude of colleges available today that a high school pass-out can choose from. The colleges are both the regular colleges and the online colleges, which have been gaining popularity by the day. A debate is always on to determine which college is better – the regular one or the online one. Although both type of colleges have the same goal in their mind- to give quality education to their students and award degrees and certifications to them.

There are three major differences between a regular college and an online college. It cannot be said which type of college is better as both of them have their own set of advantages depending upon the student.


When you are attending a virtual college as opposed to a traditional one, you will have the liberty to choose your own study schedule. If you are studying in a regular college you have to abide by the working hours of the college. So this is a major point of difference between these two types of colleges. There are many people, for instance busy professionals and mothers of young kids, who want to pursue higher education but are unable to do so. Online education is the way to go for them.


When you are attending a regular college you get to interact with your classmates. It is possible in the case of online colleges too – you can talk to your fellows via text chat, VoIP and email. However, the major point of difference is that the interaction is not as realistic as it is in the case of regular colleges where you can have direct face-to-face conversation.


The resources and study materials available at regular colleges and online colleges differ slightly. The numbers of books that are available in physical form are more, and in some cases better, than the virtual books. Although the virtual books aren’t less resourceful and helpful, it is just that the numbers of real books are more in number hence a student has a good option to choose from.


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